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Zen and the Art of Dog Walking

This collection of photographs and musings is a simple descriptive journey of how I discovered natural beauty and spiritual peace by walking our dog... of how Bo and I not only discover each other but also the world around us. Bo was an abandoned puppy and I had recently moved to the country with my wife and son. After Bo came to us, while my wife was at work and son at school, the two of us began to take walks through the woods and around the lake that was nearby. I needed the exercise and Bo, being a puppy, needed to burn off energy. As we both began to become aware of our surroundings, the whole process became more enlightening to me and opened a whole new sensory world to Bo. Early on I began to take a camera along mostly to capture Bo being his dog self. I began to become aware of my environment, expanding not only my consciousness but the subject matter for the photographs as well. We are now a few years down the road and have grown together in many ways due in large part to these dog walks that we take together. Bo has taught me many things; I have opened my mind to new thoughts; we have shared many experiences and I see the visual world in a whole new way. So...Bo and I invite you to join us on a simple tale of discovery in the absolute joy and enlightenment of a dog walk. As someone told me after reading the book, “It's what we're all looking for.

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