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Vietnam Combat Medic

One man’s view into life in the 60s…

The 1940s and 50s birthed many new things – including Ron Donahey, a boy raised in a family not quite poor and not quite middle-class. He and his sister were loved and protected by their parents and their tight-knit extended family, and grew to love God with the help of their mother and the church they attended every week.

So when the time came to register for the draft, 20-year-old Ron was already determined to never take a life. Yet, being a soldier was something he looked forward to. The was only one choice he could make: become a combat medic and ship out to Vietnam. 

Vietnam Combat Medic is the true story of one conscientious objector’s journey through the central highlands, everything that brought him to that point, and how it changed his life forever.

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