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At the end of the American Civil War, two young opposing cavalry officers confront each other in a brief skirmish, but through a temporary truce, suddenly discover they have the same great grandfather.  Their newfound blood kinship leads them to escape the war that will soon be over.
They journey to Mexico where the two learn of an ancient Toltec city in the Yucatan jungle where, according to legend, a vast treasure is buried beneath the city’s pyramid—they decide to search for it.  Guided by a young Mexican and his beautiful sister, they are pursued by ruthless and dangerous rival treasure hunters.

But the most unlikely pursuers are an American general and special Pinkerton agents sent to capture the deserters and return them for trial.

Throughout their harrowing quest, our young adventurers encounter terrifying jungle hazards, mysterious caverns, deadly hidden traps, and violent confrontations with descendants of the ancient Toltec.

A startling discovery is made—something that could drastically change the world—even destroy it.  This creates a potential danger to mankind and a serious moral conflict between our two Americans and the reckless manipulation of ambitious government and military leaders—all leading to an unexpected and explosive conclusion.

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