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The Peoples Bank

Jody Hill, the New York Times Best Selling author of 38: The Chucky Mullins Effect, holds a Doctor of Ministry in Strategic Leadership. Hill tells the story of The Peoples Bank’s transformational influence in Ripley, Mississippi. The Peoples Bank embraces the philosophy that a strong community bank makes a strong community and vice versa. Their impact includes generous contributions to education, health and wellness, economic development, the arts, civic clubs, and area volunteer agencies. The company views these charitable gifts as investments in their community: a partnership in which the bank gives to and receives from those that they serve. Along the way, they have achieved meteoric growth and a remarkable market share. You will learn about the unique individuals who have led the bank to maintain a profit every year since 1925. One central theme binds them together: a commitment to community leadership. They are indeed The Peoples Bank.

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