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The Fuzzbox Diaires

Following up his critically acclaimed memoir, Do Stand So Close: my improbable adventure as Sting’s guitarist, Jeffrey Lee Campbell takes a closer look at the story behind the story (or more accurately, the story around the story). Part prequel, part sequel — The Fuzzbox Diaries examines the circuitous journey that led to Jeffrey’s amazing rocket ship ride with Sting … and the challenges he faced navigating the jungle gym of success after falling back to earth. The Fuzzbox Diaries surveys the hits, the misses, and the bullets dodged. 50 years of memorable high — and low — lights; from playing carport concerts and drunken frat parties to surviving biker bars and cheesy weddings; from the thrill of working with legends like Sammy Davis Jr., Sting, Aretha Franklin, Jon Bon Jovi, Andrew Lloyd Webber (and more) to the anxiety of riding out the COVID-19 pandemic in a deserted New York City. Deep truth from the trenches of the music biz — and the real inside scoop on life as a Broadway musician.

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