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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Capital from Angel Investors

This little primer will provide guidance on tapping into the wallets of Angel Investors and getting them engaged in your new venture. Uniquely, Angel Investors can provide not only needed seed capital but often expertise, guidance and referral contacts that they have aggregated from years in the business world.

From this book, you will learn how to write a business plan, a tight one page Executive summary and how to produce a compelling 20 minute PowerPoint presentation. You will learn valuation methodologies, capital structure and how to assemble a management team and advisors even when you have limited funds. Angel Investors want an Exit Strategy in 2-4 years and this book will offer proven alternatives to insure a return of their invested capital.

I hope you enjoy this clear and concise book and use it often for reference as you journey down the exciting road of Entrepreneurship. I wish you a successful and prosperous journey.

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