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Seeking Intimacy

Alan and his wife can no longer have intimate relations. She unexpectedly suggests he find a sex partner. He resists. But the idea is exciting. With some reluctance, and a sense of adventure, he places an ad on the Internet.

Dozen of e-mails follow; from the curious, the sympathetic, and those interested in further exploring his proposal. They reveal intimate histories, tales of love lost, uncertain and broken relationships, anxieties, heartaches, secret and not-so-secret sexual desires. In often graphic detail, unfulfilled women from a diverse range of genres and ages – even a lonely gay florist, offer up a riveting array of intriguing propositions while divulging penetrating and edifying insights to assorted lifestyles, atypical cultures, mind-blowing fantasies, and personal desires. Some even scold on religious and moral grounds. The language is vivid. The tears are genuine. Frustrations are poignant. The needs are vibrant.

But, Alan too, has a secret. And who is the surprise last respondent with an exciting and promising double offer?

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