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Seeing What Isn't There

Great leaders have the ability to see what isn’t there. Moreover, they use that vision to inspire others, helping them along the path to accomplishment and creating some of the greatest projects of our time. These leaders don’t react to change, they create it. Seeing What Isn’t There helps leaders like you see a future yet to be born, revealing how the collective energy of others can be channeled to make it a reality.

Through vivid examples from their vast reservoirs of experience advising leaders within some of the most complex organizations in the world today, the authors reveal what it takes to instill the seeds of success in others. Whether you are launching a strategic initiative, improving procedures, creating an internal development path for your workers, reinforcing your cyber defenses, building a new urban center, rebooting your country, or even just hoping to become a more effective leader, leadership is about leading change — and Seeing What Isn’t There shows you how to do it.

Paperback & Hardcover
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