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Madame Millennial

It is no secret that endless misconceptions exist about millennials. From how we approach the traditional workplace environment, to habits about saving money, or even our desire to have a career driven by purpose over profit, we can be challenging to characterize and seldom fit into a single mold. Regardless of the perception, one undoubtable trait of millennials is our propensity to become unique trailblazers, setting our own cadence for navigating and succeeding in today’s society.

Within the broader millennial population, there is one demographic that stands out from the rest due to their endless ambition, glass-ceiling-shattering successes, and uncanny determination to lead personally and professionally fulfilling lives. That group is none other than millennial women.

Offering a fresh and honest perspective on mastering success in modern-day situations, Madame Millennial is a compilation of over 100 prescriptive professional development strategies, updated etiquette guidelines, and a personal growth guide for career-minded millennial women.

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