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Legacy: In Search of the Past is the story of the Gantt/Gaunt family in America. It begins in England in 1571 with Thomas and Susanne Bates Gaunt and continues to the beginning of the 20th century. The author’s research confirms the Gauntts were good citizens and hardworking people mostly farmers and carpenters by trade. Peter Gaunt was the first of the family to come to America in 1636. He became a Quaker, lived, and died in Massachusetts Bay Colony. Hananiah, Peter’s son, purchased a tract of land in West Jersey in 1685. Some of the family took the old wagon road to the south in search of a better life in the mid 18th century. They lived in Camden SC for a time then a brother, Israel Gauntt moved to Newberry SC. Israel was a patriot in the Revolution and the direct ancestor of the author. Israel’s son, Joseph, moved to Lexington County SC where he raised a large family including a son, Elijah Gantt. Each generation from Thomas in England to Elijah’s sons and daughters are explored and their stories told. Elijah was the author’s third great grandfather. Their story embraces triumph and suffering tempered by devotion to family during bad times and good.

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