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Left Behind in Afghanistan

The United States is perhaps the greatest country in the world, defending democracy throughout the globe. As a result, America has earned the admiration of countries and people across the planet, but recent actions have forever tarnished America’s reputation worldwide. When the United States withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving American citizens and its allies behind to face the wrath of the Taliban and other terrorist organizations, the world view of America changed drastically. For the first time in the country’s history, the United States fortuitously deserted their sacred belief that America should “Leave No Man Left Behind.”

This book provides a snapshot of the history of Afghanistan, America’s involvement in the region, the chaotic and disastrous withdrawal, and ultimately, focuses on the events leading to the United States decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, the disgraceful decision to abandon thousands of Americans and its allies behind enemy lines, and ultimately, documents what the leadership in Washington D.C. has worked so hard to make Americans forget.

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