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It Don't Mean Nothin'

I never thought about writing a book, ever, until the president of the 4th Infantry Division Association implored we veterans to start writing about our experiences. He told us that if we didn't do this, our experiences would be lost to future generations. I didn't care about myself, but I didn't want the service and sacrifices of those I was so honored to have served with to be forgotten.

After much arguing with myself, I started to document what it was like being a combat infantryman in the jungles of the Central Highlands, II Corps of South Vietnam, in 1968-1969.

These pages describe the effects combat had on us … the jungle itself, not bathing for weeks, losing comrades in arms, and more… much more.

These memories are written from experiences that affected me deeply. While they are war experiences, they are not totally about the war.

I have "almost" come full circle after fifty years. With the help of PTSD therapy, I can now talk about these memories. They are things that don't leave you, they change you.

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