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Democracy Unchained

Democracy Unchained draws upon lessons from philosopher Richard Dien Winfield's 2018 campaign for the US House of Representatives in Georgia's deep red 10th Congressional District to show how the United State's failure to fulfill our social rights has put our self-government in jeopardy and undermined our ability to uphold family welfare and the social opportunity on which democracy depends. Drawing from both basic philosophical argument and research into the state of our society, Democracy Unchained presents detailed policy proposals to fulfill our fundamental right to employment at a fair wage, level the playing field between employee and employer, secure a healhy environment and fair access to healthcare, balance work and family, make decent housing available to all, ensure educational opportunity at all levels, provide legal care for all - enabling everyone's rights to be duly protected - and fund all these measures through fair taxation. Richard Dien Winfield is Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy at the University of Georgia, where he has taught since 1982. Winfield is the author of 21 previous book of philosophy. In 2018 he ran unsuccessfully for the US House of Representatives in the Democratic Primary in Georgia's 10th Congressional District and was identified as the first candidate advocating a Federal Job Guarantee. He has entered the 2020 special US Senate election in Georgia.

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