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The desire to share my life originated the first time I was asked, “Ron, who’s the most unforgettable person you ever met?” I smiled as a face immediately came to mind, but before I could give his name, another face popped into my head. Then another and another, until there was a crowd from which to choose. I paused. My mind was gridlocked. I couldn’t decide: who was the most unforgettable person I ever met? The options continued but I still couldn’t pick.
The fact that I couldn’t identify the most unforgettable person I had ever met nagged at me, annoyed me, frustrated me. I became determined to come to an answer, just for my personal satisfaction. I sincerely tried, but no individual of the multitude...that’s not even enough, there had been so many unforgettable people in my life, they could be a population. And then it hit me: they were a population. The population of my life.
The intent of this writing is to welcome you to my life, share its population from 1943 to 1955, and let you decide who was the most unforgettable person I ever met.

— Ronald E. Marksity

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