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Common Ground

Widowed mother at nineteen. Stepmother at thirty-five. Divorced grandparent at forty-nine. Weight-loss dropout at fifty-five. Columnist and blogger Lynn Haraldson has lived it all. In this collection of candid, funny, and poignant stories, Lynn shares her extraordinarily ordinary life while inviting connection with others who have been down similar roads. Common Ground: Writings on Family, Change, Loss & Resilience is for anyone who has lost weight, lost a partner, or lost a pet. It’s for the band parent, or the stepmother who has taken her fourteen-year-old stepson clothes shopping. It’s for the pre-Internet generation who owns Purple Rain on cassette and can program a VCR, but probably doesn’t have a TikTok account. With a hint of memoir, but no rigid structure, you can open to any page and not feel lost. Most likely you’ll find yourself somewhere in her words, nodding your head and saying, “Been there, done that.”

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