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Burning Letters

The reclusive Malchus Marlow has finally reintegrated himself into society, even stepping far beyond his comfort zone to become the village doctor. Everything should be perfect now. Right? Well, not quite. Even though he has overcome many of his doubts and insecurities, he still struggles with the haunting memories of his family. He never had the opportunity or the courage to mend his relationship with them before, but with Alvera's tender encouragement, he endeavors to try now. There's just one problem: his older brother, Andrew. He had always been the one who had bullied him the most when they were boys, and even after all these years of separation, he has not changed. If anything, his cruelty has only grown in intensity. The master's efforts to reach out to him are constantly met with frigid resistance and setbacks, including a mysterious illness, whose devastating effects penetrate much deeper than just the physical body. More broken and defeated than he was before, Malchus teeters on the verge of giving up. Nevertheless, he perseveres and soon realizes that this decision might not only determine his relationship with his brother, but also if his brother lives or dies.

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