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Beneath The Dome

Rippling through the passage of time are the memories of cadets who attended Pennsylvania Military College. This tome is an amalgamation of the eclectic experiences of those who wandered through the quadrangle and wondered what they were doing in their classes.

As the years passed, these recollections evolved with the impact of life's experiences. We are thankful to our classmates who took the time to memorialize their reminiscences in order that others may enjoy them.

These writers contributed to an effort that may be likened to the famed Chicken Soup for the Soul. However, this work may be remembered as Chicken Soup for the Cadet.

Finally, as the days of Pennsylvania Military College become more distant, it is our desire that this book will serve as a reminder and celebration of those times we had, some comical, some moving. Join us in a walk-through history at the place we called home for four years of our lives.

- James VanSciver

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