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Barns of Old Milton County

Barns stand as landmarks of American history and as testaments to a time when hard work, perseverance and a simple handshake were the basis of human relationships. We owe a great deal to those early Americans who left us tangible evidence of their lives and to their modern counterparts who work to preserve our old barns or who add modern new barns to the landscape.

Author/photographer Robert Meyers embarked on a two-year quest to document some of the oldest remaining historic barns in an area once known as Old Milton County, Georgia, a region with its own rich history. He also featured newer barns and the magnificent horse facilities which, after all, will be the historic barns of tomorrow. This book is a fascinating series of profiles of fifty barns introduced by more than 200 photographs and complemented with fascinating details of some of the bygone treasures and timeless beauties in the beautiful Georgia countryside.

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