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Back Azimuths

Have you ever thought back on something that someone may have told you years back, yet you seem to have forgotten? Now, years later, that advice makes perfect sense? Or, it may be the same message now given by a different person or in a clearer manner, and it resonates with you? These reflections are referred to as back azimuths. Upon further reflection on these back azimuths, these lessons stem from a ...ship of some kind -be it a relationship, mentorship, leadership, etc.

This book draws upon 21 separate ... ships, and what we can learn from them. When reading this book, it can be tailored accorded to the definition of the word, use a Judeo-Christian message, or the author’s specific message which is tied to a certain event and time.

The hope is that this Insights, Inspires, and Ignites you to take action to improve your life.

It’s all about ...ships!

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