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America's Been Good to me

Born in Switzerland but raised on good ol’ American Westerns, Hermann Gammeter always yearned to visit the fabled land of milk and honey and ride alongside real live cowboys and Indians. The journey to America would be long, but it would definitely not be boring. In America’s Been Good to Me, Hermann takes us along on his travels, some exciting and full of adventure, others miserable and dark. More often than not, however, his escapades are bursting with humor.

Straight-forward and honest, Hermann does not mince words and tells it like it is. Having spent many years as a hotel executive, Hermann’s story is full of places and people those in the industry are sure to recognize. Better yet, he also shares some of his favorite recipes as a chef who excels in his craft.

America’s Been Good to Me is the enjoyable story of an immigrant who loves this country and the larger-than-life adventures it has brought him.

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