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A Journey to Inner Joy and Peace

“If dad and mom were alive, I would ask them about their lives more often and dig deeper into stories of their past.” Many times, those thoughts assail me, trying to learn more about the circumstances my parents had to face that made them unique, the epiphanies they had to make them resilient, brave, and with a heart to serve. Even though dad wrote two books, I still feel the void of his untold stories. As many conversations we have during family gatherings, it is still not enough to know my parents better. Above all, I do not know their personal relationship with our Lord.

Their stories, which inspired my spiritual walk, are the reason for sharing my journey to inner joy and peace. Dad and mom left 25 grandchildren, who now have their own children, who never met the wonderful ancestors they had. It is for my beloved nephews and nieces that I spent many nights and weekends sharing our stories of finding joy and peace with the Lord. If one life can be forever changed, then every minute dedicated to this book was worth spending. These memoirs have been showered with plenty of prayers and much love just for you, the reader.

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