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The Dressage Chronicles

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You know what happens to all those girls who are just crazy about horses?

Once they discover boys, the horses are history.

Or maybe not.

For Lizzy, and others like her, no boy, no man who knows what’s good for him, speaks the unspeakable—“It’s me or the horse.”

It’s no contest.

And so Lizzy snips the threads that hold her, however tenuously, to a conventional life, and begins her journey into the world of horse sports.

She signs on as a working student for dressage superstar Margot Fanning, heading to south Florida with her six year old mare, for “the season.”

She immerses herself in an extraordinary world of high-dollar horses and ambitious women and receives an education in more than just riding dressage.

Welcome to The Dressage Chronicles.

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