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I'm Ready To Talk Two

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I’m Ready to Talk Two continues with the personal stories about Vietnam experiences that were started in our first book, I’m Ready to Talk. As with our previous book, members of the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association share even more experiences about serving during the Vietnam War. Stories come from all branches of our military, all ranks, and from throughout the period between 1959 and 1975.

Over 140 stories from 70+ Vietnam veterans are included. Some stories will make you laugh, others will make you cry, and all tell the deeply personal experiences that our veterans lived through. As our first book did, this book will open your eyes to the kaleidoscope of their experiences and let you feel why over 90% of our veterans would do it again if our country needed us to.

“Bob Babcock has helped advance the understanding of the Vietnam War by compiling a significant sequel of experiences and stories by veterans of one of our deadliest and longest wars. Vietnam will always have its place in the history of this Nation. Consider well these emotional, life-affirming stories; from them there is much to learn and appreciate.”

LTC (Ret) Norman E. Zoller, JAG
Two tours in Vietnam, Field Artillery
Special Forces (1964-1965); 82nd Abn Div (1968-1969)

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