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History of the Twelfth Infantry Regiment in WWII

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Lt. Col. Gerden Johnson fought with the 12th Infantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division from the D-Day landing on 6 June 1944 through V-E Day on 8 May 1945. He was with the 12th Infantry Regiment as they stormed Utah Beach, fought through the hedgerows of Normandy, liberated the port of Cherbourg, led the Allied liberation of Paris, crossed the Siegfried Line into Germany, fought for a month in the bloody Hurtgen Forest, held their ground in Luxembourg to thwart the Germans on the southern shoulder in the Battle of the Bulge, and continued to push the Germans back across their homeland until they were defeated.

Doing extensive research after the war, Gerden Johnson has preserved for posterity a blow by blow and month by month account of the 12th Infantry Regiment’s heroic fight across Europe. First published in 1948 by the 4th Infantry Division Association, this reprint is being done as part of the 100th commemoration of the birthday of the 4th Infantry Division, the unit the 12th Infantry Regiment has served with during and since WWII.

All profits from the sale of this book will be used to pay for further research into the history of the 12th Infantry Regiment “Having Been Led by Love of Country” and the 4th Infantry Division “Steadfast and Loyal.”

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