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Fortunate Abandonments

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Fortunate Abandonment tells the story of three sisters and a brother, and their painful separations as children.

Living in a home that had huge financial and personal struggles, one light shined for them – their loving, beautiful, and caring mother. She saw that her children were educated.

The death of their mother left the children in the sole care of a father who was preoccupied with himself and his desires, never taking into consideration the needs nor wishes of his children. He never even attended the service for his wife. He had married their society mother in hopes of acquiring her family’s wealth and elevating his position to a higher social standing.  He was bitter that the marriage had not provided him with his high hopes and left him with four children. He felt the children were holding him back from a new potential marriage that he believed would surely bring him the wealth and success he deserved. He quietly started planning how to rid himself of the children that were standing in his path to wealth.

While already dealing with the terrible pain of their mother’s death, the physical and mental suffering of the separation was almost unbearable for the children.

As with life, each day the unexpected sits just around the corner, but the separation was to become a “Fortunate Abandonment.”

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