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Betwixt the Stirrup and the Ground

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Dad's number one rule was, "Just keep the horse between you and the ground."  

Even so, Eloise fell off her mare too many times to count. But in time, they made a winning team; Mom, Dad, Eloise, and a chestnut mare named Whiplash.

But her parents' divorce, her mother's death, and estrangement from her father had knocked her flat. No effort on her part could change things. The bridge she thought she would cross had burned. Maybe it was her dad, Jock, who lit the match, but it was Eloise who had poured the gasoline on top.

Eloise had made her peace. Now, reading history was a fine escape, and she loved her job at the animal clinic. Her online reading community, daydreaming, and caring for other people's animals fed her mind, heart, and soul, even if it was by proxy.

Then early one morning a stray dog showed up at the clinic door.  

Then a faceless man on the Internet offers her a glimpse of an 18th century journal he claims to have found. If she wants more, she must get it from him.  

Eloise becomes obsessed with the stray dog and engrossed in the 18th century journal.  

The dog, the journals, and a horse called the "Red Devil" propel Eloise on a journey.

A journey that puts her back in the saddle, both in the present, and in 18th century Virginia.

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