Scott C. Schroeder

Scott is a Leader, Trainer, and a Coach. His passion is helping others grow to achieve excellence. He has decades of experience leading and operating in complex organizations and environments. He can adapt his style to meet the knowledge, experience, and background of his audience, and has a wealth of experience connecting with people from all generations and cultural backgrounds.

Scott served in the U.S. Army for 34 years, this is where he honed the skills of leading, training, coaching, and mentoring. Initially he led teams as small as three, and his career culminated serving as a senior leader for an organization with more than 700,000 people.  

He has put this vast leadership knowledge and experience to use in the private sector. After retiring from the Army, Scott became the National Director of a nonprofit organization with a team of 10 employees and over 60 volunteers delivering wellness programs which focuses on physical fitness, emotional fitness, and recovery, supporting Veterans and First Responders. Scott also worked as the Director of Training and Business Development for a training and simulation company which supports the Department of Defense, Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement both nationally and internationally.

He is the author of Behind The Colors, a book about practical leadership and the skills needed to lead, develop, and grow across a career in the Army. These same skills and examples of practical leadership are just as relevant to leadership in the corporate environment.

Scott is committed to fitness and enjoys resistance training, golf, and endurance sports, especially cycling. He has participated in numerous competitions. Some notable highlights include: the Army’s Best Ranger Competition, he won his division of the Rocky Mountain State Games triathlon, and was the Hickam Harbor open triathlon champion.
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