Huu Uoc

Huu Uoc was born in 1953 in Phu Cu District, Hung Yên Province. Vietnam. In 1970, he enlisted in the Army of North Vietnam and was based, until 1974, in the Vietnam-Laos war theatres (east and west of Truong Son mountain range). When the war ended in 1975, he studied in Mass Media at the University of Vietnam. In 1980, he was assigned as Head of the Newsroom Department of the People’s Police — Vietnam.

In July 1985, he was imprisoned by the Vietnam Government for publishing an article against the People Police on a negative issue. From 1986 – 1988, Huu Uoc was put on trial three times by the government.

On 17 May 1988, thanks to the change of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s “Reform Policies or Doi-Moi”, he was declared “Not Guilty and Presumed Innocent.” The Government restored his standing as a Party Member, and he returned to his position with the newspaper where his career flourished.

In 1996, he was promoted as Editor-in-chief of the World Security Newspaper; in 2003, he was assigned as Editor-in-chief of People’s Police and People’s Police Television National Network; in 2006, he was promoted as Brigadier General of the People’s Police VN; in 2008, he was awarded the National Medal – Labour Hero of Vietnam; in 2009, he was assigned as Deputy General, Department of the Political Department of the People’s Police; and in 2010, he was promoted as Lieutenant General of the People Police and Honorable Chairman of the Police Writers’ Affiliation.

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