Dennis M. Witt

Dennis Witt served as an infantryman in Vietnam in the 4th Infantry Division from October 1966 till October 1967.  During his tour he was awarded two Bronze Stars, one for valor and the other for meritorious service.

Since 2003, he has been active in the Red Warriors Vietnam Association which is composed of soldiers that served in his battalion during the five years it was in Vietnam.

He was born in Minnesota but grew up and lived most of his life in Wisconsin.

After the service he worked for 45 years as a mainframe computer programmer and systems analyst.  He worked for the same company for the duration of his career.

He has been married to his wife, Kathy, for over 50 years and has two children and two grandchildren.  Dennis enjoys his family, traveling, hunting, fishing, camping, and outdoor sports.

He wrote Infantry Life in Vietnam to describe for family and friends what daily life was like for infantrymen in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

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