Townsend Walker grew up in western Maryland and graduated from Georgetown (B.S. Foreign Service), New York University (M.A. Economics), and Stanford (Ph.D. Economics).
During a career in banking, he lived in New York, Paris, London, Rome, and San Francisco and wrote three books on finance: A Guide for Using the Foreign Exchange Market, Managing Risk with Derivatives, and Managing Lease Portfolios.

His ideas come from cemeteries, foreign places, paintings, violence, and strong women. His stories have appeared in over seventy online and print journals and have been included in ten anthologies. "A Little Love, A Little Shove" and "Holding Tight" were nominated for a PEN/O. Henry Award. Four stories were performed at the New Short Fiction Series in Hollywood.

Townsend currently lives in San Francisco and in addition to working on his stories, also teaches a workshop in creative writing to incarcerated veterans at San Quentin State Prison.
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3 Women, 4 towns, 5 Bodies

These twelve stories are rooted in foreign places, cemeteries, violence, and strong women. The worlds the characters construct are unforgiving. Their paths cross in tangled and sometimes deadly ways. In the title novella, three women use wit, seduction, and weapons to master the men they meet. The ribald reverend in “The Second Coming” meets his match in nineteen-year-old Charity. In “Super Secrets,” two women are neighbors and lovers, until one is betrayed and exacts revenge. On a darker note, a crazed horse and a storm at sea shatter a fragile love in “Slashing at the Nets.” Then, in “Storm Painter,” an artist moves in with a writer, but their past destroys his third novel. Place is important. No one other than an Italian detective would find a clue in a singular tortellini. The New York sniper could only be trained by the Israeli Defense Force.

 3 Women, 4 Towns, 5 Bodies is a short story collection spanning centuries, where nothing is as it seems and twists are as abundant as they are deadly.


Paperback | ISBN 978-1-947309-21-0 | 286 pages
FICTION / Short Stories (single author)



March 22 Explore Booksellers, Aspen | Launch of 3 Women, 4 Towns, 5 Bodies | 5:30 p.m.

April 5 Books Inc, Chestnut St., San Francisco | Launch of 3 Women, 4 Towns, 5 Bodies | 7 p.m.

April 19Book Passage, Ferry Building, San Francisco | In conversation with Steve Kohlhagen re: 3 Women, 4 Towns, 5 Bodies & The Point of a Gun | 6 p.m.

May 16 Booksmith, Haight St., San Francisco | In conversation with Martha Conway re: 3 Women, 4 Towns, 5 Bodies & The Underground River | 7 p.m.

May 30 | Wine Tasting and Reading from 3 Women, 4 Towns, 5 Bodies | Biondivino, San Francisco | 6:30 p.m.

June 14 | Why There Are Words, Sausalito | Reading from 3 Women, 4 Towns, 5 Bodies | 7 p.m.