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Tony The Kneebreaker


Tony The Kneebreaker

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Tony the Kneebreaker, an ex-pug, is one of “The Boys.” His unique and brutal talent? Changing the minds of business owners who miss or resist shakedown payments. Just a few taps with his scarred Louisville Slugger bat usually do the job. Tony is very good at what he does.

When not knocking on doors and on people, he represents “The Boys” on the volatile Hudson River docks where they do much of their cold-blooded business. There, Tony is taken in by the Lowenstein brothers, owners of JIF Banana Trucking—for many years under The Boys’ “protection.”

“We pay them to protect us against them,” gripes one of the victimized brothers.

After twenty years of beating up on disgruntled customers and welchers, Tony finds God and conscience, and wants out. He swears to “never say nuthin’.” But “The Boys” are reluctant – Tony has seen, done and knows too much.

For old times sake—and their own greedy good, they offer Tony a perverse plan which would assure his silence, but also put the Lowensteins at risk to be blackmailed into shady trucking activities.

Tony goes to the brothers. “You know The Boys good as anybody. You gotta help.” Along with Rosie, their smart, secretive and sensual secretary, they come up with their own plan.

But nothing goes right.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-941165-47-8 | 140 Pages
FICTION / General