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Promise Made


Promise Made


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In 1949, twenty-year-old Eva Larkin is forced to put her life-long dream of a writing career on the back burner in favor of marriage and motherhood, when an unexpected pregnancy changes everything. Eva soon discovers that she has married an alcoholic with a dangerous temper, but blames herself and “that smart mouth of hers” for her husband’s uncontrolled rage. When Leo’s violence and abuse become unbearable, Eva and her three-year-old son leave the security of their home and family in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and set out for New York City to start a new life. Eva is faced with raising a child on her own, at a time when divorce was neither common nor easily obtained. With help from the friends she makes along the way, Eva struggles to build a career, provide for her son, and keep her demons at bay. But leaving the past behind turns out to be much more difficult than she had imagined.

This novel, funny at times and often disturbing, will leave the reader with a renewed awareness of how much women’s lives have changed in the past sixty-five years.

A Promise Made is a story about hope, strong women, and the way things used to be.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-941165-77-5 | 306 Pages
FICTION / General