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Go Ride!


Go Ride!


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Lee was recently injured while training. After printing costs, all proceeds go directly to Lee.

On its cover this book may seem to be about cyclocross, but it’s more than that. Lee Waldman has been racing bicycles on and off road for the past 32 years. During that period he’s had lots of time to explore topics related to cycling and to life in general. 

In this book he takes on many of them, some serious, some not so serious, all interesting. Some of the questions he considers are:

•Why do we race?
•Who are these guys who choose cyclocross anyway?
•How can we balance our life as racers and still take care of our
significant others?
•Does age matter? 
•Why is it important to finish the race?

You can share Lee’s experiences as he sets some lofty goals for himself and read about the high and low points of a
season chasing podiums. 

And then there are his opinions. Lee is no stranger to controversy and doesn’t shy away from making his opinions known. In this collection of essays, written for Cyclocross Magazine over the last three years, you’ll be able to share his experiences at national championships, his thoughts on training, on dancing, on how to keep your partner happy during a very busy racing season, and on the realities of life and cycling from the point of view of a masters racer.

But don’t think that if you’re younger you won’t find something of value in this collection. Lee’s viewpoints
are diverse and applicable to any rider, actually any person of any age who is thoughtfully plodding through
life and / or cycling. 

This is a book that can be read in any order, at any time, and you’ll find something in it to give you pause to think. And then, as Lee says, it will be time to “go ride your bike.”

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-937565-45-9 | 159 Pages