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Behind the Stare


Behind the Stare

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Behind the Stare seeks to convey the essence of modern professional cyclocross—the players, the stories, the insights, the paradoxes, the pulse. The book focuses on the European theater, but integrates the growing American presence in international cyclocross as well. Using the riders and their ethos as a starting point, the story widens to encompass archetypal themes of character, ethics, ambition, and perseverance.
Rather than a “how to” (though aspects of training and technique work themselves into the narrative), the book chronicles what it takes to reach the top of the sport by immersing readers in the lives of the sport’s stars. By getting inside the stories and lives of the riders (specifically Sven Nys, Erwin Vervecken, Bart Wellens, Lars Boom, Jonathan Page, and Ryan Trebon), the story becomes universal, archetypal, and timeless.

The objective is to bring the sport of cyclocross to the armchairs of American readers. With Louisville hosting the world cyclocross championships in January 2013, the timing is ripe for an insider’s look. First person, present tense, episodic, and telegraphic narration along with strong storyline, literary allusion, and insight hopefully result in a very good read.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-937565-33-6 | 246 Pages