Rebekah faced coming-of-age during the earlier years of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Reality hit when at seventeen she stood in a gymnasium with her family and said good-bye to her father, possibly for the last time. Over the course of the next few years she attended many farewell manifests and welcome homes, helped send letters, emails, and care packages.  She learned the extent of the responsibly that falls to military families, and that choosing to act with honor, integrity, and “doing the right thing” is often very difficult. But Freedom and peace are fought for, and found, in the hardest places, when someone is willing to stand in the face of evil, despite the fear they feel. 

Throughout her childhood, and especially during OIF, Rebekah read and attempted to write stories. She spent her childhood and adolescence studying piano, harp, and voice before attending college with a career in healthcare in mind. However, after four years of volunteering and working in hospice, she decided that she needed to be home with her children. Here she found her inspiration for Princesses Micha and Olive. Then with the arrival of her nephew, the character of Prince Dillip began to form in her mind. The idea for a few children’s stories quickly vanished as the writing process began and The Queen and Knights of Nor started to emerge. She learned that though she never intended to become a writer that she loved to write, and that writing gave her a creative outlet while raising her small children. 

Five years and another daughter later, Rebekah had a completed manuscript and a desire to share her story with others. Especially military children who, like her, have to face mortality at young ages, and sacrifice time with their parents (and sometimes much more) for the Freedom we enjoy. It is a noble and hard calling. One that Rebekah intimately understands and greatly appreciates.





The Queen and Knights of Nor

Micha, the crown princess of Nor; her sister, Olive; and cousin Dillip are awaiting friends and family to celebrate her birthday at their seaside estate. Instead, a messenger arrives with news that a terrible enchantment has fallen over the capitol city, disabling the king and queen. The cousins return to the castle, prepared to fight an unknown foe. The Knights, led by Demetrius, Captain of the King’s Guard, join them at the castle stronghold. 

Citizens fleeing Nor’s enemies bring rumors of a witch in the forest to the east. Demetrius brings word of an impending giant uprising, and there have also been sightings of an ancient dragon flying over the kingdom. Micha feels unprepared for the pressure, which only mounts after she is crowned queen. 

Micha, Demetrius, and other supporters are determined to rid their beloved kingdom of the evil encroaching on their land. A half-giant—who is suspected to be a spy—and a search for a descendant of the first king are critical to breaking the enchantment and restoring the kingdom.

Queen Micha and her followers cannot fathom the price they will pay to rid their beloved kingdom of the evil encroaching on their land. They also learn that it is in the most perilous of circumstances that true honor and loyalty are forged.