Katie Hart Smith loved writing as a child, creating her own story and picture books at a very early age.  As a young adult, she pursued a nursing career and obtained a B.S. in Nursing from Georgia State University and later received a MBA from Troy State University.  Throughout her professional career, Smith continued to write and lecture for the medical community, including Emory University's Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. In 1995, Smith published, "In the Face of Disaster: Personal Reflections" in the Orthopaedic Nursing Journal, recounting her work assisting with the Flint River Flood recovery efforts. 

Smith served on the editorial board and was a manuscript reviewer and contributor for the Orthopaedic Nursing Journal and was a former member of the advisory board for Atlanta Sports & Fitness Magazine.  In 2014, she released a memoir, Couch Time with Carolyn, for which she was nominated for the Georgia Author of the Year Award in the Memoir/Autobiography category by the Georgia Writer's Association. In 2016, Katie released her first novel in a historical fiction series focusing on the medical community in Atlanta in the early 1900s, titled Aspirations of the Heart. Currently, she is a staff correspondent and a writes a monthly column called “From the Heart” for the Gwinnett Citizen newspaper.

In her spare time, she is an active member in her community and enjoys speaking to book clubs and community and civic organizations on a variety of topics. To learn more, visit www.katiehartsmith.com.




Hope Never Rests

After her parents died, the last thing Addie Engel expected upon moving to Atlanta was to take part in uncovering an illegal drug plot, especially one run by her beloved Garrett’s cousin. But now that Lester’s gone for good, Addie’s journey of self-discovery can finally begin in earnest, exactly how she’s always dreamed. With a new inheritance and the support of Garrett behind her, she’s at last enrolled in school and on track to becoming a fully-fledged nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital. The medical center is state-of-the-art, and full of teachers, equipment, nurses, and new friends—everything Addie needs to realize her heart’s aspiration. Not to mention an attractive young doctor who’s taken a liking to Addie…

But the world of medicine in 1914 has its dark side, and that corruption is slowly eking into the hospital and everyone who enters it. With the Great War approaching, illness and tragedy are at an all-time high, and that means the number of children left homeless and orphaned is only growing…unfortunately for them, there are some who are all too happy to take advantage of the situation. When the bodies of young boys begin to appear scattered across town, the police don’t know who or what is to blame. But Addie, as usual, is right in the middle of things, and she has a sneaking suspicion the hospital—and its favored orphanage—is unwittingly involved.

Set in the maze of mounting social strain and growing pains that is early 20th century Atlanta, Hope Never Rests is a panoramic and masterful sequel to Aspirations of the Heart, ideal for lovers of Southern and historical fiction.


Paperback | ISBN 978-1-947309-10-4 | 334 pages
 / Historical
FICTION / Coming of Age


Your second book is just as well written and interesting as the first....You wove another fascinating story of young boys being murdered and the observations of caring medical students that led to solving the deaths. You even managed to tie in a little more romance and rivalry. You do a great job as a creative author. Keep it up! I’m waiting for the next book.
— Sandra Deal, First Lady of Georgia


Aspirations of the Heart

Addie Engel is a small-town girl who wants nothing more than to leave her family farm, venture out in the wider world of 1913 Georgia and become a successful nurse. But the times aren't so friendly to a young woman determined to buck society’s expectations and do more than marry, have children, and keep house. If society has its way, she will never leave Hope, Georgia, nor the boy who hopes to be more than just her friend. Then, tragedy strikes, and with it comes an opportunity Addie can't refuse. Thrust into in the rapidly-growing city of Atlanta, she's soon immersed in a world of powerful people intent upon their own plans and schemes, including Lester Schwinn, a conniving man hell-bent on making his mysterious cure-all tonic a household name at any cost.

Aspirations of the Heart is the passionate tale of Addie’s self-discovery, but also the city of Atlanta and the growing pains the 20th century brings. Filled with vivid and memorable characters, and replete with historically and socially accurate details, it is a panoramic novel ideal for lovers of Southern fiction and for anyone who enjoys a well-spun, exciting, and colorful tale.


Paperback | ISBN 978-1-944193-33-1 | 350 pages
FICTION / Historical
FICTION / Medical

I found it very engaging and informative. You wove a good story from absolute desperation to inspired achievement through the kindness and caring of the characters of good influence. Sinister evil struggled to undo the dreams and hopes of early Atlanta visionaries but good won out which is always my hope. I enjoy historical fiction because I can learn factual material while enjoying the writer’s creative webbing and development of characters, settings and interactions toward an evasive or happy ending. I enjoyed your novel very much. I will have it placed in the mansion library. Thank you. I look forward to your next novel.
— Sandra Deal, First Lady of Georgia



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Georgia Gwinnett College - School of Health Sciences/Nursing Program Instructor, Lisa Boisseau interviews Georgia author and registered nurse, Katie Hart Smith about her Sacred Heart historical book series inspired by her grandmother and registered nurse, Orvada Killion Isensee.
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