Clint Smith lives in Dawsonville, Georgia.  He is a writer, businessman, and a member of the Georgia Air National Guard.  He is a member of the board of directors of the Historical Society of the Georgia National Guard.  A former legislator in the Georgia General Assembly, Smith has written many newspaper columns, speeches, and other works on political, public policy, historical, and military subjects.
An ordained deacon, Clint Smith is a member of First Redeemer Church
in Cumming, Georgia.  He is also the former chairman of the board of directors of the Chestatee Library System, serving Lumpkin and Dawson Counties.  A classic film buff, Clint Smith specializes in writing and speaking on the movies of Alfred Hitchcock.

Smith’s favorite novel is TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee.  Ironically, it was originally published on July 11, 1960, the day Smith was born.  He is currently working on his next project, a science-fiction novel set in Alaska.

Faith and the Formula is a page-turning thriller, full of unpredictable plot twists, political intrigue, and romance.
— Ralph Reed, Founder and Chairman, Faith & Freedom Coalition


Faith and the Formula

Tim Jennings searches for his fiancée who presumably died in a tragic accident, but he believes that she is still alive – her body never recovered.  His search leads him headlong into a subversive underground organization dedicated to toppling the U.S. government.  The organization plans to implement a mysterious medical formula that halts the aging process to accomplish its evil goals. While Tim confronts evil, he struggles with his own faith.  What will be the outcome?
A unique plot line in inspirational fiction, the content will surely capture the fancy of faith-oriented readers.  Set initially in Atlanta, Savannah, and Chattanooga, the story is briskly paced.  The setting shifts to Denmark, Germany, and then back to the United States, ending with climactic scenes in St. Augustine, Florida.

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