Antonio Salinas was born and raised in Allen Park, Michigan.  His youth was spent dabbling in combative sports and hunting in the woodlands of Michigan. Upon graduating from Allen Park High School in 1998, Antonio enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he served as a geospatial intelligence analyst, then a martial arts instructor trainer, and later an intelligence chief. Following his time in the Marines, Antonio attended Eastern Michigan University and gained his Bachelors in History and Political Science. Antonio then pursued graduate school where he enrolled in Army ROTC and attained his Masters in History. Antonio was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in 2007 and has served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Antonio continues to serve uniform as a history instructor at West Point, NY.





boot camp

There is just something about United States Marines...

Perhaps it’s the iconic dress blues or the mystique of Boot Camp as is portrayed in popular film, but when you look into the eyes of a Marine, you will see an intensity that is seldom matched.  Marines are just different, but why are they?

In its recruit training, known as “Boot Camp,” The United States Marine Corps replicates the level of stress, fear, and intensity of combat. It is this experience which separates Marines from other branches of the U.S. military and instills a lifelong pride within its members.

If you are drawn to the Marine Corps or perhaps have the title of “Marine” for yourself, then follow this journey onto the hot training grounds of Parris Island and read the thoughts of a Marine recruit.  You are invited to United States Marine Corps Recruit training, where a recruit’s world is ruled by intensity and violence of action.


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