Lou Reiter has been active in law enforcement for over 50 years. He served with the Los Angeles Police Department for 20 years and retired in 1981 as a Deputy Chief of Police. Since that time Lou has been a private police consultant.

Every year Lou conducts multi-day training seminars for over 1,000 police, sheriff, state police, and other criminal justice per-sonnel teaching how to perform Internal Affairs investigations. He has conducted audits of troubled police and sheriff agencies for insurance and risk management pools throughout the coun-try. The smallest agency was a three-man police department and the largest agency he audited was the N.Y.P.D. Lou has served as a consultant for the U.S. Department of Justice investigating police departments accused of Constitutional enforcement prob-lems, including those in New Orleans, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.

Lou has testified as a police practices expert in over 1,100 civil lawsuits. He has worked for police and sheriff agencies as well as for citizens bringing suit against police departments. He has testified in over 250 trials in Federal and State courts.

When Lou is not on the road consulting, he lives in the North Georgia Mountains near Atlanta with his wife Marilyn, an attor-ney, and their dog, Shakti.



Shattered Badges

Taylor Sterling never knows when a phone call or email will grab his interest and send him spiraling into another dark episode of police misconduct in a town he’s never known. The case could involve sexual misconduct by a malignant cop, overzealous use of force by a SWAT unit, corruption, or mismanagement. Since retiring as a Deputy Chief with the Los Angeles Police Department, Taylor found himself investigating the nasty work of bad cops or top cops who weren’t minding the business their agencies charged them to do. Taylor is really doing the work that Internal Affairs—those who police the police—should be doing, but aren’t. This is your chance to learn how to police cops who go off radar and abuse their badges and the sworn oath to “protect and serve.” Shattered Badges is a dark and exciting look into police misconduct and the inner workings of police departments across the country.

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Broken Badges: Cases from Police Internal Affairs Files 

Police misconduct—cops engaging in sexual misconduct, theft, brutality, wrongful arrests, inept police supervision, and public corruption. There’s hardly any community that is immune from this cancer. It’s happening in small and large cities, urban and rural places, and local and state police agencies.

Lou Reiter has intimate knowledge of this subject. He’s been involved in police work for 52 years. The first 20 years he was with the Los Angeles Police Department and retired as a Deputy Chief. For the past 32 years he’s been a police consultant like the main character in this book, Taylor Sterling. Through this fictional consultant, Lou weaves stories taken from his extensive files and experiences on the dark side of law enforcement.

Taylor Sterling is called in to unravel and try to fix problems with a variety of police agencies throughout the country. He might be working for the insurance company, the town or city affected, or a concerned Chief or Sheriff who might not know the ins and outs of policing the police, or Internal Affairs. Taylor knows this well and he knows how to use every reasonable and professional technique to uncover police misconduct, help some officers who might be wrongly accused, and give needed help to a Chief or Sheriff when things get out of control.

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