Two peoples are known for their tall tales: the Irish and Southerners. O’Kelley is both. Stories are in his blood; even so, they did not begin to flow until life’s lessons had been learned, age added, things seen, and love lost and gained. Yet, he understands the young and writes both to them and for them. O’Kelley is a common man, a working man who sees the world with working man eyes. Oddly, he served in both the Vietnam and Iraq wars, drafted into Vietnam after college, and in Iraq as a truck driver. In Iraq, he began writing to entertain and inform his colleagues, mostly younger, and with these writings, a new career was born. O’Kelley is currently writing his sixth novel. It’s in his blood. He just can’t help it.





Original baby Boomers

The sixties, what happened? How did America move from the three-button suit world of the fifties to the chaos of the modern world. Sex drugs, rock and roll they say. What was it like to grow up in one world and to live as an adult in another. What was it like to go to college, war, and to fall in love in a world in flux. Rick and Maryanne can feel the changes around them. It test their love, breaks them apart, damages them, but in the end love survives.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-947309-42-5 | 224 pages
 / Historical / General
HISTORY / United States / State & Local / South