Hi, I'm Matt. I'm the photo miner here at Deeds.

In addition to that I'm also an experienced imaging professional, artist, photographer, world traveler, proud Athens resident, and co-book miner at Deeds Publishing.

For decades now, I've spent time behind one camera or another. I have a degree in Journalism & Video Production from the University of Georgia and a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design. 

Light. Changes. Everything. (my personal philosophy)

At the moment I'm most in love with shooting portraits, but I will always have an appreciation for landscape photography. 

My greatest artistic inspirations can be found in the works of Ansel Adams, Dieter Appelt,  Joseph Beuys, and Roland Gérard Barthes.  Personal projects include a long standing series of unflinching self-portraits, and several collections of both natural & urban landscapes from my travels abroad.   

( You can view more of my personal work here:    i m a t t k i n g )