My first book, Great Balls of Fire, published in 1989, turned out to be a publisher’s idea of the only part of my life he thought anyone would be interested in: my marriage at age thirteen to my second-cousin Jerry Lee Lewis. The movie by the same name ended up being a producer’s idea of how he thought my life should have been. Never before has my real life story been told. Well, this is it. I’ve finally been able to write my story in my own words. I hope you find it to be inspiring and helpful. Or at the very least, I hope it gives you some chuckles along the way. Thank you so much for reading The Spark that Survived. My best wishes to you in fanning the flames of your own life story.


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The Spark That Survived

Myra Lewis Williams is only five feet tall, yet she stands as a shining beacon of hope and inspiration to any woman who has ever struggled through life’s deepest depths of despair. In this memoir, with her own brand of unflinching, down-to-earth, humorous, Southern storytelling, she reveals how she crawled out of the darkness and came to stand in the light of building a new life for herself. Myra hopes that her story will show women that they are stronger than they know, and that if she could overcome her own misguided decisions and life’s most tragic misfortunes, they can, too. 

As Myra says, “This is a book about how to overcome life’s worst tragedies and your own dumbass decisions.”


Paperback | ISBN 978-1-944193-16-4 | 192 pages