Identical twins Katherine and Margaret King grew up in the north central hills of Oxford, Mississippi—a university town and a place they have always loved.  So exactly how did the King Twins become up and coming authors? “It all began when we were separated for the first time,” says Katherine, who Margaret is quick to call out as the instigator and mastermind behind many of their adventures.  “They put us in different classes in first grade, so we met during recess and thought we should check out each other’s class.”  And from the first time that they swapped classes, they never looked back.  The King Twins have published three books with Deeds Publishing. Y’all Twins?, Which is Which? and Our Josephine. Their first two books have two stories each about their encounters with William Faulkner. “We lived just around the corner from William Faulkner and he enjoyed the game of which is which? Could he tell us apart—NO! He had other ways to figure out which is which!” Our Josephine is a novel about their great-grandmother’s sixteen year old African-American caregiver who taught the nine year old twins about love, race relations, respect one person has for another regardless of skin color, and so much more in 1957 Mississippi. A feature film based on the book is currently in development.  

The King Twins are authors, entertainers and rappers, and so the pair’s antics continue to this day. They spotted some rappers on TV and spontaneously decided to become hip-hop rappers. And somehow, in some way, by some miracle…it actually worked. “We call ourselves The King Twin Rapper, or simply, ‘The K-Rappers’ because we can’t sing but you don’t have to carry a tune to rap, and when you sound out K-Rappers you get an idea as to what kind of hip-hop rappers we really are,” Katherine says. Margaret adds, “One thing’s for sure, our creative and original raps tell a story and are guaranteed to make you laugh. Laughter is contagious and makes us feel euphoric. We love speaking on the subject of laughter in the workplace at seminars and retreats.”



Which is which

You were introduced to those lovable but mischievous girls in their compelling story, Y’all Twins? Now get ready to enjoy more adventures of the twins from Oxford, Mississippi, as the girls struggle to cope through their preteen years. Which is Which? contains more hilarious stories about growing up in Oxford, Mississippi and getting away with what they could get away with, because they could and they did. What makes their stories so enjoyable? They take you into their identical-twin world of shenanigans and you wonder, what will they do next? Or Is there anything they won’t do?

The girls encounter William Faulkner in two of the stories and Katherine, the bolder of the two, bets her cat-eye shooter that he can’t figure out “which is which.” He takes the challenge and the engaging conversation is revealing! Just like their first book, Y’all Twins?, Which is Which? is kid-friendly and is, at the same time, sheer entertainment for people of all ages.

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Paperback | ISBN 978-1-937565-70-1 | 166 Pages


Y'all Twins?

In 1950’s Oxford, Mississippi, identical twin sisters Katherine and Margaret King got away with everything. Why? Because they could. Their stories begin at age six when they hopped a ride on the back of a wagon driven by, unbeknownst to them, a famous member of the community, William Faulkner.

Follow the King twins from first grade to sixth grade and experience the kind of antics that only twins can share. These unique stories will have you laughing with them and at them as they take advantage of looking exactly alike. From the first time that they swapped classes, they never looked back. Join Katherine (the mastermind) and Margaret (the co-conspirator) for a nostalgic trip down memory lane!

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Paperback | ISBN: 978-1-937565-16-9 | 278 Pages


Our Josephine

They’re at it again! Enjoy more of the King twins’ rib-tickling shenanigans as they spend a week during the summer of 1957 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, visiting their grandmother. The nine-year-old twins meet African-American, sixteen-year-old Josephine, caregiver for their elderly bed-ridden great-grandmother. They try to pull Josephine into some of their misdeeds, but she resists and teaches them some of life’s most valuable lessons instead. A visit to the local Baptist church ends up with the girls wondering if the preacher was talking to them when he kept repeating, “Repent, Sinners!” Josephine assures the twins that the preacher was talking to his congregation—those that have been up to no good! Hmmm!!

The girls struggle to understand a world that requires Josephine to walk behind them or sit at the back of the bus. The mid-summer visit started out with dread, but by week’s end, the twins were begging to stay longer. Our Josephine is a poignant and wonderful story about the gentle side of race relations between the three generations. Josephine, wise beyond her age, acts as the catalyst to everyone in the pre-civil rights era. Josephine and the King twins have much to teach us about friendship, wisdom and love. The challenge is to re-examine your childhood and find the Josephine you may have overlooked.

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Paperback | ISBN 978-1-941165-26-3 | 220 Pages