At the age of 16, Johnny started to explore various areas around his hometown. He quickly grew to love what he could find on these explorations, whether he was delving into nature or navigating abandoned structures. Soon, Joo began to capture the world around him—exactly as he saw it. Through a camera lens, Johnny Joo shaped his visions so these beautiful places could be shared with others.


Empty Spaces

Once in a while, a man-made structure is left to rest, becoming just another one of natures many manikins to stylize and destroy as it pleases. The structures become a victim; a marionette to nature's decay. In an attempt to document the decay across our world, I will journey the more unseen, forgotten spaces, left behind by humans, now void of life. The earth will start to consume the wooden foundation of homes left on its surface, while we sit hopeless to the power of nature, as this strange darkness builds up surrounding us through the empty spaces.

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Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-941165-46-1
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PHOTOGRAPHY / Subjects & Themes / Architectural & Industrial