Kelly Jennings is a third generation American from what was once known as the Panama Canal Zone. Her love of horses began in Panama with the local Bush ponies and has never left her. She lives on the east coast of Florida with her husband and two stepchildren on a small piece of earth that is fondly referred to as the Double J Ranch. After competing for years in three day eventing she has recently started to tackle the world of dressage with her American Warmblood mare Lexington. Like most dressage and eventing enthusiasts she competes for the love of both the horse and the sport while balancing a full time job, kids, and life in general. Her over fifteen years in the medical field and nearly a lifetime spent around horses gives her a unique and down to earth perspective, which is reflected in her writing style. Surrounded by her family, friends, horses, and her dogs she never lacks for inspiration.



Kick On

Lauren’s struggle to survive a tragic past lands her in the tropical paradise of Panama. Will her switch from eventing to dressage be her path to learning to trust and love again?

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Paperback | ISBN 978-1-937565-37-4 | 543 Pages
FICTION / Action & Adventure