Have you ever heard the saying “Never go into business with family”? Well, I am the poster person for why that is not true

I joined Deeds five years ago, because I believed that if Bob, Mark, and Matt dedicated themselves to it, it had to be a very good thing. Since I am a fixer, I thought I was brought in to fix whatever was broken. I knew that our product was exceptional, but we needed help in getting the word out.

I love to create and try new things whether it’s a new recipe or a unique way of hosting a book signing. I love thinking outside that big old box. I’ve worked very hard in the last five years to learn what does and doesn’t work in the world of publishing, and I wear that badge of honor proudly.

I love people that are passionate, and I must have passion in my own life. I’m passionate about my family, about what we have done with Deeds, and about what the future holds for us. I like to surround myself with greatness and I’ve accomplished just that with our Deeds Publishing family.

In my spare time (if there is such a thing), I love cooking, interior design, and our four-legged children.