Award-winning author Linda Hughes has a dozen books in publication. Secrets of the Summer is the third book in her historical trilogy set in her home state of Michigan, with this story set in her small hometown. She has spent most of her adult life living in Georgia. So she’s a Yankee and a Southerner. 

Her writing honors come from the National Writers Association, Writer’s Digest, the American Screenwriters Association, eLit, Indie Book of the Day, and Silver Falchion. You’ll find her on Amazon and on social media. Visit her website at:




Secrets of the Summer

Book 3 of the The Secrets Trilogy

Summer Rose Krause tries, really she does, but she simply can’t manage to stay out of trouble. It’s 1965 and at only twenty-one years old—hailing from a prominent Michigan family, no less—she finds herself in jail for the second time. When the judge renders a sentence of community service in a small, hick town Summer’s never heard of, the young woman is certain she’s doomed. Little does she know, she’s about to stumble straight into a murder case and fall in love with a man who’s altogether wrong for her, all in one fell swoop.  

As Summer becomes entangled in the lives of the sometimes quirky and always fascinating townsfolk, she can’t help but delve into the truth behind the murder. Soon, she’s steeping in stories about the Roaring 20s, a speakeasy, the infamous Detroit Purple Gang, and a mysterious gangster moll. The resulting shocking revelations teach Summer a lot over the summer, but will it be enough to get the girl to settle down? Her secrets may run deeper than even she knows.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-947309-75-3 | 332 pages
FICTION / Romance / Suspense
FICTION / Romance / Historical / 20th Century



Secrets of the Island

Book 2 of The Secrets Trilogy

You think you know your heritage? Think again. Deep, dark secrets lurk below the surface of every family tree, as the Sullivan clan discovers in this story about living in the aftermath of generations of deceit. When Red Cross nurse Harriet escapes the trauma of WWII and sequesters herself in her grandfather's cottage on Mackinac Island, she has no inkling about her heritage. But as one shocking clue after another surfaces—disclosing lies, corruption, madness, and murder—the family realizes that it’s not just their ancestors that remain a mystery. With so much hidden in shadows, no one knows who they are anymore. Their family tree has more intricately entangled roots than anyone could have imagined, and it's up to Harriet and her loved ones to unearth the truth. 
Secrets of the Island, the second book in the Secrets Trilogy, is tale of romantic suspense that will make you wonder what secrets are buried deep within your own family tree.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-947309-39-5 | 296 pages
FICTION / Historical / General
FICTION / Romance / Suspense


Secrets of the Asylum

Book 1 of The Secrets Trilogy

It's 1921, fifteen years after the disappearance of a child, and three women's lives intertwine as a web of lies unravels in a quest to solve the mystery of what happened to the boy. Elizabeth has been in an asylum since the disappearance of her son. Her daughter Meg is determined to find out why and what happened to her brother. And Abby, a Chippewa Indian fortune teller, has insight into everything that goes on in their small burgh. During an era of bootlegging, speakeasies, and changing times, their fates are woven together as their lives are forever transformed.


Paperback | ISBN 978-1-944193-99-7 | 272 pages
FICTION / Romance / Suspense
FICTION / Romance / Historical / 20th Century



Atlanta's Real Women

One afternoon, a group of women sat around a kitchen table discussing life. “Have any of you seen this reality show about Atlanta housewives?” one of them asked. Almost in unison, the women groaned. They laughed about how little resemblance these housewives bore to real Atlanta women. Thus the seeds for Atlanta’s Real Women were sewn.

Atlanta’s Real Women is 14 stories of hope, courage, resiliency, and strength to which any woman can relate. May this inspire you to share your story!

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Paperback | ISBN 978-1-937565-68-8 | 234 Pages
PHILOSOPHY / Mind & Body


What We Talk About When We're Over 60

Those of us who are over sixty are not amused at being compared to aging wine, and certainly not cheese. In this book thirty of us—writers, educators, businesswomen, motivational speakers, mothers, grandmothers, retirees, an artist, a hairdresser, a psychic, a farmer, a psychologist, and a dancer—each share a story about something that changed everything. We think that you—especially if you’re a woman over sixty—will laugh and cry and maybe gasp at these funny, enlightening, and bawdy tales because they’ll remind you of your own life. So read, enjoy, and reminisce. Then, we invite you to join us on Facebook to share what you like to talk about. Let’s do this over-sixty thing together.

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Paperback | ISBN 978-1-941165-23-2 | 310 Pages
PHILOSOPHY / Mind & Body



Becoming Jessie Bell

Jessie Belle Church hates her old coot of a boss for making her go on a stupid “Ancestry Quest” news assignment. After all, the thirty-year-old CNN newscaster is used to wearing designer gowns to art gallery openings with her filthy rich boyfriend, not schlepping through the jungle in sweaty shorts and a tee shirt with a gorilla of a cameraman. But there she is anyway, traipsing through Africa and Europe to follow the ancestry trail left by her DNA. However, when she’s visited each night by a different spirit of her female forebears, reliving the most exciting and terrifying events of their common yet extraordinary lives, Jessie Belle begins to emerge from her self-absorption to appreciate all that transpired in the past to give her the privileged life that she has today. And, even more shocking, she discovers just how tame and tantalizing that animal of a cameraman can be. Her world shifts on its axis as she takes the tales of her ancestors to heart and becomes the true Jessie Belle Church.

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Paperback | ISBN 978-1-941165-02-7 | 302 Pages
FICTION / General