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Benjamin Hirsch’s journey took him from 1930s Germany, through European foster homes to his new home in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended Georgia Tech and went on to become an award-winning architect.

From an early age, Ben’s talent for drawing was apparent. His love for cartooning and illustration translated into his love for design and architecture. From warehouses to senior facilities, private homes to place of worship — each building he designed serves to illuminate his quiet and thoughtful personality. In his third and final memoir, Ben tells us about his life through his business dealings, religious life, and design career. We see how his choices impacted his architecture, and how his architecture impacted his life. Through his stories, we see how his personal commitment to Judaism affected his work and how he was able to move forward from setbacks and difficulties with a positive attitude. Ben treated people with dignity and kindness. His gentle wit and mischievous streak kept him young at heart, and he connected with people of all ages and across the spectrum of society. Benjamin Hirsch was a rare and unique soul, whose desire to understand his place in the world led him on a quest that he was ultimately able to fulfill.




In Search of Validation

In his third and final book, Benjamin “Ben” Hirsch begins his narrative in the mid — 1950s upon discharge from U.S. Army service and becoming a Georgia Tech architecture student. In this memoir, Ben chronicles his early apprenticeships and the opening of his first office. He engages the reader in stories surrounding designing and the building of his own unique home, offices and buildings, private and public housing, and a range of places of worship. Through his narrative, Ben provides insight into causes he held dear, including Holocaust remembrance and growing his fledgling synagogue community. His very honest and often humorous approach reveals his innermost thoughts to the reader on his personal and professional life, his family, the value of activism, and his feelings in adult life as a child Holocaust survivor.

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-947309-31-9 | 596 pages
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