Evan Guilford-Blake writes prose, plays and poetry for adults and children. Besides Animation, his published fiction includes the comic mystery novel Noir(ish) and the celebrated short story collection American Blues. In addition, his children’s novel The Bluebird Prince will be released this fall, and a second short story collection, Love and Loss and Love, will be issued in January, 2016. His work has also appeared in more than 50 journals and anthologies, and he has stories in several soon-to-be released anthologies and magazines. His prose has won 21 competitions.
Thirty of his plays have also been published, winning 43 contests among them. Collectively, they’ve received more than 250 productions internationally.
He teaches as well, and has presented workshops on fiction and playwriting at many conferences, among them the Georgia Theatre Conference, the Mississippi Writers’ Guild, the Turner Cassity Literary Festival and the Indiana Writers’ Consortium. He’s also been a featured speaker at numerous festivals, including the Decatur (GA) Book Festival and the Decatur Arts Festival. When he’s not writing, Evan does freelance copy editing, and is proud that his regular clients include the Library of Congress. The rest of his time is occupied by reading, watching old movies, cooking and growing hot peppers.
He’s a member of the Atlanta Writers’ Club, the Georgia Writers’ Association and the Dramatists Guild. He and his wife (and inspiration) Roxanna, a healthcare writer and jewelry designer, live in the Atlanta area with their lovable but dumb-as-dirt ring-neck dove Gabriella and the smart-as-a-whip sort-of Westeke terrier, the aptly named Winnie Words.




What do you do if you’re 53 years old, your ex-wife says you look like Joe Pesci and you’ve just lost your job? Well, if you’re Adonis Augustinius Agystyn—usually called “Aggie”—you sit in your one bedroom Chicago apartment, watch TV and eat rib tips at the nearby fast food restaurant. Until one day you meet someone who you think can change your life—except she’s a 19 year old single mom with a sick baby and a sicker mother, and the two of you have absolutely nothing in common.

Animation is the sometimes comic, sometimes poignant story of a man in search of the meaning of his life and of life itself, the detours he must navigate and the hurdles he must try to clear in order to answer the eternal question: What Is My Life About?


Paperback | ISBN 978-1-941165-95-9 | 398 pages
FICTION / General