Part V: Goodreads

Goodreads is the online hub for booklovers across the world. It is extremely important that you are present on this site, as it is often the first place readers go before/after reading a book.


The Author Program:

The Author Program allows any author to have their own page and manage their books and their fans. This allows you to do giveaways, write blogs posts, respond to questions, post events and further promote your book. Don’t forget to add a picture and bio!



Adding Your Book:

Even if you haven’t added one of your books to Goodreads yourself, there’s a good chance it’s already there (anyone can add a book to Goodreads). While signing up with the Author Program, you will be able to claim any books of yours already on Goodreads; these will be connected to your author page.

Once you have checked to see if your book is listed already, go to and add any books that you can’t find. Please let us know if you need help finding your ISBN.



One of the best resources Goodreads gives authors is the opportunity to host giveaways for copies of your book. All you need is your book, a description, and a time (giveaways can run from 2 days to over a month). The average giveaway on Goodreads attracts over 800 entries, which means 800 more people that know about your book! Most people who win giveaways also leave reviews.



Reviews, and the sort of ratings that accompany them, can have a huge influence on your book sales. Encourage anyone who has read your book (and has something good to say) to leave a rating on Goodreads. Even better, have them leave a written review about how much they love your book! This way, the first thing someone sees when they look up your book is positive.

If you see a review you particularly like, don’t hesitate to post about it on social media!  Let your readers know how much you appreciate them taking to time to read and post about your book.